January 2018: Testing in progress!

We recently spent a interesting day at the University of Chichester – Sport Performance Unit. for some rider physiological profiling.

What is physiological profiling?

This is a physiological assessment that will provide us with test data about your own physiology to allow us to take a scientific approach to training.

As part of this profiling two tests were performed:

  1. Blood lactate profiling (via a sub maximal ramp test).
  2. VO2 max test.


These two tests in combination can be an effective way to establish physiological strengths and weaknesses which can be extremely useful to help guide to future training.

It is of course possible, without going to a Lab, to get a estimate of functional threshold power (FTP) via a straight forward maximum effort test on the road. Training zones can then be calculated from this power.

However physiological profiling provides another level of detail and takes away some of the guess work by accurately identifying each riders specific response to exercise.

I like to use both road and Lab testing to provide the most insight as to whats going on inside. This then allows for more precise and effective training and subsequently more fitness improvements.

Many thanks to Andy West for carrying out the tests for us.

Hard work, but definitely a useful day out.


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November 2017: Season reviews.

All rider season reviews completed  :–)

This is such a valuable exercise to help with improvements in 2018 and well worth investing the time to do properly.

To start things off, as part of the review, some of the questions we tried to answer, as well as discuss, are listed below.

You can do this yourself but its better with a friend or coach.


  • What was the highlight of your season and why ?    

Include race performances, training improvements, technical developments. Identify the factors you think have made the greatest contribution to this success.

  • What was your greatest disappointment and why ?
  • Review your top three goals for this season, do you feel these were achieved ?
  • What training do you feel was most productive for you and also what training felt less productive ?
  • If you could change your training, mental preparation, or race tactics/strategy, what would you do differently ?
  • Do you feel that you trained enough and worked hard enough in training this season ?
  • Do you feel that you had adequate rest during training and before races ?
  • What aspects of your training did you enjoy the most/ least ?


October 2017: Racing Update
Very happy to say there have been so many rider training and racing improvements in the last few months, below are a few of the highlights.


Andrea Parish: Very new to coaching, Andrea has already managed a new PB over 10 miles of 22:46 on the R10/17 on 3rd September

Excellent progress in just a couple of months.


Laura Bartlett:  After a storming ride in the Brekland 50m TT on 2nd Sept with a time of 1:53:04 which now moves her up to 3rd in the BBAR.

What a fantastic result, and great to see another of the years targets achieved.

Also great to seee my Drag2zero team mates right up there too.


BBAR Results 2017 – Womens Top 5  

Paul Jones: After a big block of training on holiday ! Paul has done it again with 2 new PB’s for the second time this year.

10miles with a 19:28 on the V718

25miles with a 49:11 on the E2/25.


Andy Cooper: After last months massive 25 mile PB , Andy now has an equally impressive 10m PB of 19:28 on the V718 knocking 25s off his previous fastest time.


Its been great to see riders enjoying their training, improving and then seeing the results.

Best Wishes


27th Aug:    A long over due update on a few rider successes from recent weeks.

Very pleased to see increasing powers and decreasing race times as a result of hard work and commitment.

Well done to all !


Laura Bartlett has ridden some strong races this season, including PB’s at 2 distances !

25miles: 55:33 down to 53:57

100miles: 4:08:16 down to 3:57:02

Not easy to improve from 25 miles all the way up to 100.

Paul Jones, a lot of hard training in recent weeks and months has resulted in new PB’s at 2 distances.

10miles with a 19:33 on the local P415

25miles with a 49:45 in Wales on the R25/3H.

Thats impressive to still be getting faster after 25 years of TT ing.


Andy Cooper is new to being coached, now has massive 25 mile PB going from 52:35 down to 49:49 on the R25/3H.

Plus a nice win in the local Crabwood 2up.



Hopefully some more good results still to come before the end of the season.

All the best


2nd July:

Super interesting week in Dusseldorf for Science in Cycling conference.

Great mix of top pro team staff,  academics, coaches, physiologists. nutritionists and more.

Very much enjoyed sharing ideas and making new contacts.

(zoom in to see the whole program, and some highlights below)

Thanks Simon Wegerif @myithlete for the lift!